Sunday, December 28, 2014

Circlelord Celtic Braids and Waves

                                    Braids                                                          Waves
Celtic comes in 2 versions, Braids and Waves.                                  BACK TO INTRODUCTION
Pattern is continuous stitching.

Both 12" and 15" are available

Queen +1/2   2  1/2  Sections      112"
King              3         Sections      135"
Celtic Braids 15 Quilt by Caroline Berch 

Celtic Waves 15 Quilt by Caroline Berch
"The quilt measures 48” x 60” and is called One Fish, Two Fish. 
It uses a fabric collection from Northcott called Noah’s Ark. 
The centre is a panel.  Nancy Troyak made the quilt. 
It took me only about 1 hour to quilt it – as I said it went really fast."

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